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Obtaining your visa and CEF information

If you are a non-European student (i.e., not from one of the 30 countries in the European Economic Area, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino or the Vatican) and are due to stay for more than six months, you must obtain a long stay student visa to study in France. This is the only visa that allows you to obtain a student residence permit.

Campus France

Since 2007, Campus France centers are the one-stop shop for all students seeking to study in France. If there is a Campus France office in your country, you must follow the CEF procedure and submit your application online. This procedure is compulsory for obtaining your visa from the Embassy. Any application submitted outside the CEF procedure will automatically be rejected by universities.
  • Countries with a CEF :

You will find the list at:
  • Enrolment procedures

They are specific to the country in question, so consult their websites.


Documents required for a visa application

You must complete a form at the French Consulate in your home country; you will be given the list of supporting documents when you pick up the form.

If you are planning to attend two courses one after the other, you need to enroll for both before applying for your visa so that it will cover the entire length of your stay. A French visa cannot be changed in France.

Here is a non-exhaustive list:
  • valid passport,
  • civil status document (birth certificate or civil status record),
  • two or three passport photos (head uncovered, full-face and on a white background),
  • proof of sufficient financial resources to live in France for the entire stay, i.e. €615/month (approximately €7,380 for the year),
  • proof of pre-enrolment at the university,
  • certificate of medical coverage for the length of the stay.

You may also be asked for the following:
  • the certificate of your TCF language proficiency test,
  • a handwritten cover letter outlining your study plan,
  • a detailled CV
  • proof of your student status: copy of your most recent qualification, attestation of attendance at school, baccalaureate or other qualification accepted as an equivalent or most recent student’s card,
  • proof of accomodation

You must submit original documents, together with a photocopy.

Official documents must be translated into French by a sworn translator.