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Chinese Cybersecurity and Defense

Daniel Ventre
ISBN : 978-1-84821-614-3
320 pages

le 24 juillet 2014

juillet 2014
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Author Biographies 
Introduction by Daniel Ventre
Chapter 1 - China's Internet Development and Cybersecurity - Policies and Practices 
Xu Longdi

Chapter 2 - PLA Views on Informationized Warfare, Information Warfare and Information Operations 
Dean Cheng

Chapter 3 - China's Adaptive Internet Management Strategy After the Emergence of Social Networks 
Alice Ekman

Chapter 4 - India's Cybersecurity - The Landscape 
Cherian Samuel

Chapter 5 - China and Southeast Asia: Offline Information Penetration and Suspicions of Online Hacking - Strategic Implications from a Singapore Perspective 
Alan Chong

Chapter 6 - Impact of Monogolia's Choices in International Politics on Cybersecurity 
Daniel Ventre

Chapter 7 - China-Iran-Russia - A Cybercommunity of Information? 
Thomas Flichy De La Neuville

Chapter 8 - Discourse Regarding China: Cyberspace and Cybersecurity 
Daniel Ventre

General Conclusion - by Daniel Ventre
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