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Administrative registration and course selection

Administrative registration

Exchange students pay the registration fees at their home university and are registered free of charge at the UVSQ.

Health insurance: European students must provide their European health insurance card. All other students (outside Europe) can register under the French social security (it is free) at their arrival. However, we recommend that you take out private insurance to be covered while your file is being processed by French social security.

Civil liability insurance is compulsory in France. On arrival, we will ask you to subscribe to this insurance (it costs around 30 € and must be taken out in France). For information, this insurance can be included in your accommodation insurance.


Choice of courses

You will be able to compose your own schedule freely from our training catalogue (only in French).

However, access to the 2nd year master courses is not guaranteed. You will have to obtain prior agreement from the person in charge of the course before your arrival.

The professional licence and musicology licence courses are not accessible to exchange students.

Most courses are taught in French. Some departments offer courses in English (list available on request to the Bureau des étudiants étrangers) which are accessible to all exchange students.


Courses in French as a foreign language (FLE)

In order to make your study stay a success, the Institut d'Études Culturelles et Internationales of UVSQ organizes free French as a Foreign Language courses throughout the year.

They take into account your level in French and allow you to obtain ECTS credits (3 credits per course). A placement test is proposed by default in order to divide the students by level group.