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From concept to company

For 25 years, the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines has been building strong, lasting ties with business and industry in the Yvelines, a region that stands out for its industrial vitality and the exceptional diversity of its companies, from SMEs to large international corporations.

UVSQ is one of the few universities in France to be involved in several competitiveness clusters with strong international profiles. It also has two scientific and industrial research chairs which, combined with the Paris-Saclay technology transfer acceleration company (Société d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies or SATT), are powerful levers for innovative, collaborative and often interdisciplinary projects in growth areas of scientific research: IT, engineering, innovation and society, food and health, modeling, biotechnology, energy, environment and materials.

The trust of its partners inspires UVSQ to initiate new forms of collaboration, such as the Versailles Science Lab, a FabLab open to small science and engineering companies whose engineers are keen to have their R&D skills recognized.

The university's ten technology platforms form a network of resources and expertise in these focus areas and offer a remarkable range of cutting-edge facilities to both academic and economic actors.

UVSQ also plays a major role in the creation of startups through technology transfer from its laboratories. A leading example is Oledcomm, developer of Li-Fi, an alternative to Wi-Fi for data transmission using light. With two patents filed for its innovative process, this award-winning startup is enjoying exponential growth from which UVSQ also benefits. A dozen other projects are emerging in the field of health and disability, such as SQY Therapeutics and Antagonis.

Partnerships with the industrial world, local administrations, & NGOS

10 technology platforms
  • Constances
  • Digiscope
  • ITT mechatronics
  • Novatecs
  • Patrimex
  • PIT
  • Liquid-state NMR
  • Health
  • CEFS2
  • Mire
2 UVSQ Chairs
  • Bridges: research program on the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Matinnov: research in support of carbon-free vehicles for the consumer market

6 competitiveness clusters
  • Advancity
  • Cap digital Paris-Région
  • Cosmetic Valley
  • Medicen Paris-Région
  • Mov’eo
  • Systematic Paris-Région

Resources for incubating projects

  • Paris-Saclay technology transfer acceleration company (SATT)
    Accelerates technology transfer from the laboratory to socio-economic actors in areas such as health, chemistry, ICT, and biotechnology.
  • PEIPS, the Paris-Saclay entrepreneurship-innovation program
    Enabling students to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure
  • Versailles Sciences Lab
    A new generation Fablab that allows companies in the Yvelines to take advantage of state-of-the-art equipment and the skills of researchers