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As of September 2015, UVSQ offers 48 master’s concentrations. 15 of these master’s programs are “100% UVSQ,” while 45 carry the “Paris-Saclay” label.

Students enrolled in the “100% UVSQ” master’s programs earn a UVSQ degree; for the “Paris-Saclay” master’s programs, students are enrolled at Paris-Saclay and their degree is awarded by Paris-Saclay.

Apart from a few exceptions, all the master’s programs offered by UVSQ (UVSQ and Paris-Saclay) will be taught on UVSQ campuses.

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UVSQ as part of Université Paris-Saclay

Master’s programs in the arts, literature and languages
Languages, literature, cultures, communication, education, musicology

Master’s programs in the social sciences
Economics and social science, education, social sciences, sociology, history, musicology, regional policy and local development

Master’s programs in law, economics, and management
Management, human resources management, law, political science, environmental management, logistics, energy, transportation, companies & innovation

Master’s programs in science, technology and health
Chemistry, mathematics, high performance computing, nutrition, biology, biodiversity, ecology, agricultural science, environment, landscape, health, medicine, sport science, materials engineering, mechanics, energy, electronics, computer science, physics, earth science, planetary science

Political studies

Institute for Political Studies