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Sport / Leisure

Do you want to get active?
Do you want to de-stress?

Do a sport! More than 20 activities are offered in Guyancourt, Versailles and Vélizy. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is something for everyone. Yoga, qi qong, pilates, zumba, salsa, contemporary dance, modern dance, badminton, golf, swimming, water aerobics, handball, basketball, volleyball, football, and more.

Student life works with the Sport Office, which manages:

  • Optional sporting and physical activity courses: 3 or 4 ECTS are granted providing students meet skill requirements and attend class regularly.
  • Student engagement course: The University recognizes the value of student engagement in associations. This course allows you to acquire practical knowledge about the voluntary sector and apply it in the field.
  • Leisure Courses < Lunch Break > From 12pm – 2pm.
  • The Sports Association
  • Elite Athletes: Special provisions are made for students enrolled on the ministerial list.