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Welcome to the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) is a leading multidisciplinary higher education and research institution. The quality of UVSQ’s undergraduate and graduate programs (master’s programs, doctorates, post-doctoral fellowships) is backed by the compelling research programs conducted in UVSQ research centers and laboratories.
UVSQ is a medium size university (20 000 students) located in the Southwestern suburb of Paris, where internationally known businesses are established (such as Renault, PSA, Dassault…) as well as renowned French research institutes (CNRS, INRA, CEA…).

A multidisciplinary study offer: UVSQ, committed to the success of all

Spread over 5 campuses with 19,000 students, UVSQ offers more than 200 disciplinary programs which allow it to welcome international students interested in studying in France for a semester, an academic year, or the full duration of a degree program. UVSQ faculties offer academic and professionally-focused undergraduate and graduate programs in many fields of study such as: 
  • Law,
  • Political science,
  • History,
  • Geography,
  • Economics,
  • Management,
  • Media and cultural studies,
  • French Language,
  • Medicine and Health,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Mathematics, etc.
About 12% of UVSQ students are in apprenticeship training degrees which creates a solid bond with the economic environment and maintains the strength of the industrial sector partnership of the University. UVSQ also develops strong international cooperations with 120 universities throughout the world.

Ranked 12th in the French university of the 2019 World University ranking THE and 2nd in the 2018 Shanghai ranking in Atmospheric Sciences, the UVSQ places pedagogical innovation, professionalization and internationalization of its programs at the heart of its strategy.

Research excellence

The excellence of UVSQ as a research university is assured by its 39 laboratories and research institutions and is locally, nationally and internationally recognized as a source of expertise and resources. Heritage, materials, climate, environment, space science, public health, epidemiology, and disability are all fields in which UVSQ has become a major player, both within research networks and beyond. 
These laboratories foster innovative, cross-disciplinary research that anticipates societal concerns, informs citizens and advice decision-makers.
UVSQ’s research laboratories are grouped into doctoral schools for the teaching and research supervision of PhD students.
UVSQ has strong links with the Department of Justice and university hospital centers (CHU), prestigious French research organizations such as CNRS, CEA, INSERM, INRA, INRIA, ONERA and with other French universities through its Joint Research Units (UMR in French).

Research focus areas

UVSQ bases its research policy on 8 major lines of research:
  • Climate, environment and sustainable development
  • Culture and heritage
  • Inflammation, infection, cancer and environment
  • Public health: epidemiology, aging and cohort studies
  • Disability
  • Institutions, organizations and public policy
  • Innovative materials: from concepts to applications
  • Modeling and simulation of complex systems

Innovative and transdisciplinary research

The university participates in twenty state-funded “Investment for the Future” programs of the French government. With a dozen technology platforms, five industrial research chairs and participation in six competitiveness clusters, UVSQ actively cultivates projects with high potential for knowledge and technology transfer with industry partners in strategic sectors of the French economy.

A unique environment

USVQ campuses are located in exceptional natural, historical and cultural settings close to Paris.
The science campus is located in the city of Versailles, near the Palace of Versailles and many historical sites. Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines that houses the humanities, law and health campuses, stands out for its parks and vibrant cultural life. Each campus has its own library, dining center and plenty of student accommodations nearby.

A dynamic campus life

Choosing to study at UVSQ means choosing a university on a human scale. Joining UVSQ, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a campus life full of energy.
UVSQ also values all talents by offering programs outside the student curriculum (free EU). In addition to the main academic disciplines, students have the opportunity to participate in an artistic, sporting, social or associative EU valued by ECTS in order to develop new skills or simply to perfect their general knowledge.

Université Paris-Saclay

UVSQ is a founding member of the world-class academic research cluster Université Paris-Saclay, which is a consortium of outstanding higher education and research institutions, constituting the largest research hub in France. 

The institutions of the consortium Université Paris-Saclay share more and more of their educational and research activities: since 2015/2016, the entire doctoral training offer and most courses in master studies are pooled with other partners of the consortium, which increases the conditions for internationalization of these Programs.