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Worldwide Research and Partnerships

International networks:

As of 2015, UVSQ is a member of the following international programs and associations:
  • Association of European Universities (AUE): with 850 members in over 45 countries, the AUE is the largest higher education network in Europe, and plays a major role in shaping European Union policy towards higher education, research, and innovation.
  • Association Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF): the AUF’s mission is to contribute to and help organize scientific research, development, and cooperation in France.
  • European Universities Continuing Education Network (EUCEN): EUCEN is the largest European association dedicated to furthering Life Long Learning (ULLL), working in partnership with the European Commission to promote ULLL.
  • CREPUQ: CREPUQ is a private organization which brings together all universities in Quebec. UVSQ has signed an agreement with CREPUQ to facilitate exchanges.
  • MICEFA: MICEFA is a consortium of universities in the Paris region (Ile de France) and North America with the mission of promoting student exchanges between the regions. Our partnership with MICEFA allows UVSQ students to study in Canada or the US, while UVSQ hosts students from North America.
  • Moveonnet provides a comprehensive directory of higher education institutions worldwide and relevant information and tools for international relations officers and international and exchange students.
  • CampusFrance: CampusFrance works to promote French higher education abroad and to offer foreign students the opportunity to study in France, guiding students through the application process until their arrival in France.
  • Institut des Amériques (IDA): The IDA is a public research institute that centralizes research on the Americas in France. It is actively supported by the French ministries of Higher Education and Research and of Foreign Affairs.

The Franco-Siberian Center for Research and Studies

The Franco-Siberian Center for Research and Studies is dedicated to coordinating and developing higher education and scientific collaboration between French universities, Siberian universities, and the Siberian branch of Russia’s National Academy of Science.

The center has more than 20 French and 15 Russian member institutions. It welcomes researchers and doctoral students, and has established scientific commissions for research on the following themes:
  • Environment, Biosphere, Climate Change
  • Earth Sciences
  • Life Sciences for Health and Environment
  • Chemistry (including materials)
  • Social Sciences – Siberian space and territories
  • Social and Human Studies in Siberian space and territories

At UVSQ, several laboratories are involved in the Center’s work :
  • In Chemistry, the IDEMAT (Innovative Design of New Generations of Materials built up from Oxo and Metal-Clusters) project is supported by UVSQ’s Lavoisier Institute (ILV) and the department of chemistry. Contact: Emmanuel Cadot, cadot@chimie.uvsq.fr
  • The Environment, Biosphere, Climate change project ECCSB (Environment, Climate, Continental Surface, Biosphere) is supported by UVSQ’s Climate and Environmental Science Laboratory (LSCE). Contact: Jean-Daniel Paris