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FAQ for incoming students

What are the steps to be able to come on an exchange program at the UVSQ?

First of all, you should check that your university has signed a student mobility agreement with the UVSQ. To do so, please contact your international relations office, they will also tell you the selection procedure.
Please note: in principle, applications should be made the year before departure.
Once you have been selected by your home university to spend a semester or a year at the UVSQ, you will have to complete an online application (the link will be sent to you after the reception of your nomination by your home university).
After validation of the online form, your application will be proposed to you in the form of a PDF document that you will have to print. You will need to have this document signed (on the last page) by the departmental or institutional coordinator of your home institution, and then send it to the international students' office by e-mail to etudiantetranger@uvsq.fr.
You will then receive your Welcome Package (along with the letter of acceptance) with all the information you need to prepare your study period.

How do I choose my courses?

As an exchange student, you have access to all the academic programs through this link.

Vocational Master and Licenses (formations en apprentissage) and Music Theory Licence (licence de musicologie) are not open to students in exchange program.
For courses of second year of Master, students need to contact the relevant teacher prior to arrival to get permission to attend such courses.

Can I take courses in different subject areas and at different levels?

As an exchange student, you can follow courses in different subject of area (languages, biology, law...) and at different levels (Licences 1, 2 or 3 and Masters 1 or 2). Please refer to the question "How do I choose my courses?" for the restrictions.

What should be my level in French?

A French language certificate is not required but a B2 level is highly recommended (C1 for French literature).

How do I find accommodation?

Students selected for an exchange program at the UVSQ can apply for a room in a university residence. All information will be sent to you in the Welcome package.
The Accommodation office can also help you in your search for private accommodation (residences, shared apartments, homestays, etc.).

Will I be able to take French courses at the UVSQ?

In order to make your study stay a success, the Institut d'Études Culturelles et Internationales of UVSQ organizes free French as a Foreign Language courses throughout the year.
They take into account your level in French and allow you to obtain ECTS credits (3 credits per course). A placement test is proposed by default in order to divide the students by level group.

What is the teaching language?

The main language of instruction is French, we advise exchange students to have a B2 level.
However, we also offer a list of courses taught in English and in this case we advise a B2 level in English. If you wish to obtain this list, please send an email to etudiantetranger@uvsq.fr.