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Interning at UVSQ

Are you allowed to complete an internship at UVSQ?

You must study at a higher education institution that is a partner of the UVSQ.

As part of the ERASMUS+ programme, your home institution must hold the ERASMUS+ Charter and have signed an internship mobility agreement with the UVSQ.

If this is not the case, the UVSQ can establish a new partnership to enable you to complete your internship. To check this, consult the list of our partner universities.


 Applying at UVSQ

Would you like to do an internship in a UVSQ research laboratory?

You must contact the laboratory you are interested in. Any internship lasting more than 2 months must be remunerated. A trilateral internship agreement is mandatory.


 Duration of the internship

The duration of an internship in France must not exceed 6 months.

The duration of an internship under the ERASMUS+ programme ranges from 3 to 12 months. However, if you are in a short course of study (IUT), the duration of the ERASMUS+ internship may be at least two months.

It is your home institution that will inform you of the selection procedures and possibly award you an ERASMUS+ grant.


Implementation of the internship agreement

In France, the internship agreement is mandatory. It is trilateral, i.e. established between the home institution, the host institution and the student involved.

For students outside the exchange program, you must sign the internship agreement and have it signed by your internship supervisor. For students in the ERASMUS+ programme, you must sign the ERASMUS+ Internship contract and also have it signed by the head of your home institution and the director of the laboratory.



If you are a national of a country that is subject to the visa procedure, contact the French Embassy in your country and find out what type of visa is required in your situation (student visa or trainee visa). Contact your health insurance provider to obtain a certificate of care and repatriation. Once in France, you must take out civil liability insurance.