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Visas and residence permits

If you are a non-European student (i.e. not from one of the Member States of the European Economic Area, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino or the Vatican), you will need a visa and, depending on your situation, a residence permit. If you are in a country covered by the "Études en France" procedure, you must go through the associated platform to obtain your visa.

The Paris-Saclay website provides all the necessary information. We strongly recommend that you consult it as well as the official visa website for France.

As a reminder, there are different types of visas:

  • short stay for studies (three months maximum, for students wishing to follow a short training course)
  • student-contest
  • long temporary stay for studies (three to six months, not renewable)
  • long stay for studies (more than six months, you must then apply for a renewable one-year residence permit within two months of arrival in France)


Other formalities related to your stay in France

The Paris-Saclay University website offers an application that allows you to find out what administrative steps you need to take according to your profile. We strongly recommend that you consult this application.

Here are the main formalities that you must absolutely carry out:

  • open a bank account: click here for more information. 
  • register for Health Insurance, or even for private or mutual insurance (depending on your profile): click here for more information.
  • purchase a civil liability insurance.